Latest writing news:  I’ve a novel coming out towards the end of 2020/early 2021 from IFWG Publishing!

New Acquisition: The Wildcard by Kathryn Hore

IFWG is very pleased to announce the acquisition of Kathryn Hore’s thriller, The Wildcard. “Kathryn is an excellent speculative fiction writer,” said IFWG Managing Director, Gerry Huntman, “and we couldn’t look past this exceptional thriller piece, despite it being outside our mainstream brand. Kathryn spins an amazing story in her debut novel, of intrigue and underworld card playing taken way too far.”


What I write…

I write the dark stuff and the political. Often speculative, sometimes crime. Noir, thriller. Strange contemporary realism dramas with twisted characters in dark settings. 

SFF is my first love. Speculative Fiction in all its forms. SciFi, horror, fantasy. Dark weird, new weird, weird weird. Urban decay. Cyberpunk. Philosophical dystopia and contemporary fairytale. Urban post-apocalyptic meta-narrative with post-postmodern twist.

You know, the classics.

Sometimes I just like to mix them all up together, shake, stir, and see what comes out the other end.

Did I mention I adore a good romance?

I’ve a bunch of short stories appearing in anthologies and magazines, and a novel (or twelve) in the works. Here, check some of them out:

I was a regular blogger for some time, documenting my fun-filled experience of assisted reproduction – Fun with IVF  – and Let Me Digress itself was once a far more active blog too, back when I used to get political, because what the internet is really missing is yet another white, middle-class chick yelling opinions into the void.

These days I’ve turned off the comments. But always feel free to shoot me a note via the Contact page on this site or any of my listed social media haunts. I promise I’m not scary, I only write that way.