So, this is me:

Katie (2)

And as it says on the box, I’m a writer. My debut novel, The Wildcard, will be released by IFWG Publishing in April 2021 head over to The Wildcard page for all the details.

I’m also a library-records-archives-information management & governance professional, depending on the day of the week. I’ve a solid portfolio of corporate and business writing at my back and once had a fling with business journalism. Ah, fun.

But my first love is fiction. I write the dark stuff and the political. Speculative fiction in its varying forms, SF, horror, fantasy. Dark Weird, new weird, weird weird. Urban decay. Cyberpunk. Philosophical dystopia and contemporary fairytale. Urban post-apocalyptic meta-narrative with a post-postmodern twist. You know, the classics.

And don’t forget the crime. The noir and the hardboiled. The thrilling and the strange contemporary realism dramas with twisted characters in dark settings.

Did I mention I adore a good romance?

Sometimes I just like to mix them all up together, shake, stir, and see what comes out the other end.

Novels are my natural home, but in the process of writing long-form, I’ve had a bunch of short stories published in anthologies and magazines over the years. Here, check some of them out:

I was also a blogger for some time, documenting my experience through the fun-filled world of assisted reproduction, and you can still find that site online, last I checked: Fun with IVF

Kathryn Hore Photo 2015