Like anyone these days, I’ve left a scattering of cyber-detritus behind me in the form of half-finished profiles, forgotten about social media sites and accounts with only one post ever loaded into them.

Still, there are a few usual haunts I’m often found kicking about in on a more regular basis and you’re more than welcome to hunt me down via any of them. These are:

And oh, that’ll do. I haven’t looked at Flickr in aeons, can’t remember my login to Red Bubble, and don’t admit publicly to my Tumblr.  Apparently I’m on Reddit, but couldn’t tell you how, and if I tried to list where to find me on the multitude of forums I’ve graced over the years, you’d be as dead as My Space before I’d finished.

I also have a life outside of cyberspace. No, really. I have a family and everything. Children too, who I even remember to feed and bath once in a while.