Hello my fuzzy online funsters, how have you all been, then?  Been missing your naughty Aunty Kath?  Not been able to get into the slightest bit of trouble without me around to lead you astray?

Oooh, you liars.  I know what you’ve been up to, you know.  I’ve seen the police checks.

Anyway, I’ve been a bit quiet of late.  You might have noticed.  Or not, whatever, see if I throw a tanty and scream about not getting all your attention, then.

But fact is, I’ve been busy.  Busy corporating, as is my wont when there are bills to pay.  Busy writing, too.  Busy doing the student-career-business-sleep-only-happens-to-other-people, thang.  Because that’s what I do.  If there’s a spare inch of time, I tend to fill it with some project or another, until I end up having a minor breakdown, much to the entertainment of my nearest and dearest.

Not that I had anything of the kind.  (Well, not recently, anyway.)  I just have a bunch of work on, you know, the type that pays, and sorry my dears, but that old capitalist spirit has captured even my soul.  As has been said before, this blog is written entirely for my own amusement.  If you happen to toddle along and look at it yourselves once in a while, all well and good, but ultimately it’s just my little online world for being entirely self indulgent and you can’t say you weren’t warned.

So when somebody else comes along actually offering cash, you get ignored.  Can I be any more blunt here?  Don’t want you to miss the hint, or anything.

Hmmm.  I promised I wasn’t going to throw a tanty, didn’t I?  Okay, better move on then.

I’m just checking in here for a minute to let you know where I’ll be when I’m not here.  And to remind you I’m not dead, because it’s always worth reminding people of that, as you never know when your name will be crossed off the electoral roll in a bureaucratic bungle or something.

(And by jollies and jingoism, none of us wanted that of late, did we?!  What an exciting election.  So exciting, it’s still going on.  Frankly I, for one, welcome our new regional and rural overlords.  This is going to make being an over-educated, latte-sipping, inner-city leftie who likes nothing more than to hang out in cool urban cafes-bars to tut-tut with the like minded over a glass or five of fine red an awfully interesting space to inhabit for the next few years, don’t cha think?)

Anyway.  Before I get stuck up that tangent tree again – did somebody say politics?!?! – I just wanted to drop in and let you know where you can find me online when I’m not actively hanging around here:

The other blog – yes, I have more than one, because I collect wordpress sites like other people collect illegally downloaded torrents – Wee Bits of Weird.

Actually, WBOW is officially “not a blog”.   Even though it is, kinda.  It’s just the site where I stick weird shit I find online.  For, you know, “research purposes”.  It might be serious articles of some depth.  Or it could just be a funny picture of a cat.  Whatever.  It’s where I stick shit until I have time to look at it later. It’s not original material.  Half the time it’s not even in context.  It’s just a virtual back cupboard in the online hallway of every day modern digital life.  (Wee Bits of Werid = www.kahmelb.com)

Then there’s the micro-blog.  That’s what they used to call Twitter.  Micro-blogging.  So yes, I mean Twitter.  Don’t be finicky.  Now you’re just splitting hairs with a hatchet, thank you.

Me on TwitterFind me here@kahmelb

Um, where else.  Well, there’s Flickr (kahphotography), but I haven’t uploaded anything for a good couple of years now, so let’s not go there.  And that Facebook thing just seems full of lost pink cows, so best we don’t wander over that direction.  So that’s probably it.  Oh, except for those *other* sites.  You know, the ones where I use *ahem* *cough* a different name.

Um.  No.  No, I don’t think we’ll talk about those.  Best not to conflate the online personalities, especially when my real name is associated with this one, heh.

Enough self-indulgence for one day, methinks.  Catch you next, people. Probably in a month or so, when I turn back up here to write another “No I’m not dead” post.


P.S.  Yes this blog is still live, it’s just effectively “on hold” for the moment, while I focus on other stuff.  It’s not actually just a collection of “Back soon” posts, although that would be kind of post-post-modern or something and rather funky, in its own way, don’t you think?