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They’re remaking The Crow…

… and somebody thought Nick Cave should write the screenplay.



Look, I love Nick Cave. My teenage years would have been a very different place if it weren’t for Nick Cave. So would my 20s. And, well, my 30s too, come to think of it. And I’ve adored movies he’s written – The Proposition, in particular, was just stunning and brutal and stunningly brutal. What’s more, I loved the storycraft of it; the classical tragedy, the seeds of one’s own destruction found in one’s own insecurities and fears and prejudices. All that writing stuff I tend to go for. Excellente, and all that jazz.

So why do I just start getting nervous when I read that one of my most beloved books of all time – The Crow – a violent, brutal, amazing piece of basic revenge fiction written as catharsis, and which in the early 90s was made into a film I am still extremely fond of, for all it’s flaws, is now being remade and Nick Cave is rewriting the script…?

On first though, Nick Cave should be perfect for this. It would be an entirely different movie than the Brandon Lee one which sits up there with the big cult flicks from my undergrad days. But then that movie is an entirely different beast from the comic book. They’re separate entities and should not be compared. So I’d be all happy for Nick Cave to write a third separate entity entirely and do his own take on it.

Except he’s “rewriting” someone else’s script on this, so who knows what the reality of that is – is he polishing someone else’s stuff? Is he ditching what’s there atnd writing it from scratch? Hmmm.

And secondly, well… there’s Bunny Monroe, you see. Ouch. Less said on that, the better, but what can I say, Nick Cave knows about story, but that doesn’t mean that everything he writes is worth actually reading.

Plus the book of The Crow doesn’t exactly have that elaborate or complex a plot. It’s sparse, it’s dreamlike, it’s in-your-face violent. To translate it into a movie takes some intricate work. Hmmm.

So, anyway.

I am excited to read this. I’m also nervous. And I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one…

… and in the meantime, I’m going to go dig out the original Crow from my DVDs and sit down for a watch, methinks.


P.S.  Yes, I’m still alive.

P.P.S.  This is a dual post with Wee Bits of Weird

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  1. harlequin

    Loved Bunny Munro. A great portrait of a disintegrating mind. Darkly hilarious.

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