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Christmas. Ho Ho Horror…

Coming in December. And oooh, looksee, isn’t it just December.

The Australian Literature Review’s new Christmas Horror anthology, Ho Ho Horror, is now released, so you can all go buy it in Print or ebook version. Aren’t you excited?

First things first – the important stuff:

Click here to buy Ho Ho Horror eBook version  (this is the Kindle eBook – click here to get free Kindle reading apps)

Click here to buy Ho Ho Horror Print version

And keep your eye on this page: http://auslit.net/auslit-publications/ for more info and news.

I’ve got a story in there, along with several other excellent writers. My particular tale is about Christmas in Australia, in the suburbs, in the heat. About kids who’ve been failed by adults and adults who don’t know how to handle kids who are hurting. It’s about the not-so-nice side of Christmas experienced by those who don’t have much to look forward to.

Hey, it’s a horror story. It wouldn’t be worthy of its genre if it were all jingling sleigh bells and giggling kiddies.

So get ready for Christmas in Australia, with its Holly berries painted red with nail polish, fat bearded blokes in thick red suits struggling to ward off dehydration in the sun, and hot roast dinners in the middle of a heatwave.

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  1. Nadine

    Why is the hard copy version of the book on Amazon for over $90.00 US? Not all of us can get Kindle

  2. kahmelb

    Hi Nadine – I’ve just heard from the editor and that $90 price is due to a technical error which they’re working to fix now. The print copy price is, and will remain, $9.99 USD, and should appear as such again for purchase very soon.


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