My first love is Speculative Fiction in all its forms. SciFi, horror, fantasy. Dark weird, new weird, weird weird. Urban decay. Cyberpunk. Philosophical dystopia and contemporary fairytale. Urban post-apocalyptic meta-narrative with post-postmodern twist.

You know, the classics.

I also have a thing for crime. The darker stuff. Noir. Political thriller. Strange contemporary realism dramas with twisted characters in dark settings.

Sometimes I just like to mix them all up together, shake, stir, and see what comes out the other end. Anything to tell a good yarn.

I’m a graduate of RMIT’s Professional Writing and Editing program, have an honours degree in literature somewhere in my dark, distant past, and have spent more years than I care to count as a business and non-fiction writer. Now I’ve returned to my passion for fiction, with short stories appearing in anthologies and a novel in the works.

Some anthos and magazines I have work in:


When it comes to non-fiction, I’ve pulled the corporate and copywriting portfolio offline because I’m not actively chasing freelance work in that space anymore (but if you’re looking for someone, give me a holler; I like to play coy, but won’t knock back work that chases me.)

I was a regular blogger for some time, documenting my fun-filled experience of assisted reproduction: Fun with IVF 

Let Me Digress itself was once a far more active blog too, back when I used to get political, because what the internet is really missing is yet another white, educated, middle-class chick yelling opinions into the void. Anyway, the archives are worth listing here: Blog Archive


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