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New Antho from the AHWA

October 31st 2016 in Writing

Soooo, some exciting news. The Australian Horror Writers Association have announced an excellent new anthology to celebrate their 10th (ish) anniversary – a Best Of Midnight Echo Magazine: Dead of Night

Here’s a pic of the truly excellent cover:


Edited by Shane Jiraiya Cummings, with 25 stories from across the publication’s history. Including mine – Tooth – which is pretty mind blowing, to be in the company of some of Australia’s truly great horror writers.

Here’s the full author listing:
Andrew McKiernan, Gary Kemble, Deborah Sheldon, Kathryn Hore, Christopher Green, Felicity Dowker, Jason Crowe, Joanne Anderton, Rebecca Fung, Stephen Dedman, Kris Ashton, Christopher Sequiera, David Conyers & David Kernot, Eugene Gramelis, Claire Fitzpatrick, Jason Fischer, L. L. Hannett, Shauna O’Meara, Zena Shapter, Anthony Ferguson, Bryce Stevens, Martin Livings, R. J. Astruc, Alan Baxter and Deborah Biancotti.

Soon to be available in ebook, with a print edition to follow. I’ll post a link up here when it’s out and where to buy it.

This also relaunches Midnight Echo as an ongoing anthology series in print and ebook, which is an interesting direction to take and one I’m quite excited about – I think it’s a great way forward. So I’m looking forward to seeing where the AHWA take Midnight Echo in the next ten years…

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There’s something I don’t get. It’s when people talk about reading as a guilty pleasure. As in, they’re reading it and they’re enjoying it, loving it, can’t put it down. Reading is giving them pleasure.

And they feel guilty about it. Because apparently whatever it is they’re reading isn’t, I don’t know, good enough or something.

Well bollocks to that, I say.

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