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Here, have a spider

March 28th 2016 in Photography, Up to Stuff


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To daydream is to be happy, so let your mind wander as you need.* Create beautiful places in your head, or exciting action sequences, or witty banter bouncing between imaginary characters who are just the kind of people you like to hang out with, or impossible romantic liaisons, or high dramatic tension, or fine, fine music, or whatever gets the blood rushing through your veins.

Because to daydream isn’t just to be happy, it is to be human.

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For all of you who haven’t yet done so, pop on across to The Stella Prize’s website now and read the acceptance speech of this year’s winner, Charlotte Wood.

It’s an amazing speech, especially inspiring for those of us struggling with the “and why am I inflicting all this pain and effort on myself for no uncertain end again?” […]

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