I’m Kathryn Hore. I’m a writer of fictions dark, thrilling and speculative.

My debut novel is out now from IFWG Publishing, check out all the details here: The Wildcard  

And for info on other stories, publications and stuff containing words by me, head on over here: Writing 

I also organise information for a living. My secret identity is a library / records management / archives / information management & governance professional, because along the road to becoming a writer I also had to pay the bills, and fell in love with idiosyncrasies of managing information in all its forms. Well, someone has to.

In my spare time I take photos of weddings and spiders (rarely together, unfortunately), and wrangle a couple of small children who have taken over my life with plastic toys powered by fading batteries. You don’t know the meaning of fear until you have been shocked awake at 3am by a child’s toy blasting demonic sounds without warning as the batteries die a loud and agonising death. Trust me on this.

Online you can usually find me under the handle @kahmelb, at least on those sites where I’m happy to be publicly identified and which wouldn’t make my mother blush. Much.