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So, anyway…

I’m Kathryn Hore. I’m a writer of fiction and other things. I’m also a library-records-archives-data-information-knowledge management professional, depending on the week, and spend a lot of time thinking about how information services of various kinds intersect and interact. See how much fun I can be?

I write speculative fiction, crime fiction and most genres in between. I also spend a lot of time thinking about how different literary genres intersect and interact, because didn’t I tell you I could be fun?

Yeah, I’m a geek and proudly so.

In my copious amounts of spare time, I take photos of weddings and spiders, though not usually together (not unless it’s a really good day, anyway), and wrangle a couple of small kids who have taken over my life with Fisher Price. Online you can find me under the handle @kahmelb, at least on those sites where I’m happy to be publicly identified and which wouldn’t make my mother blush. Much.

Game of Definitions

January 27th 2017

In which I being 2017 by trying to define exactly what I mean when I use the term “literary fiction”. Spoiler alert: I spend a lot of words to not get very far.

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Crime Factory #19

November 6th 2016

Crime Factory #19 has been released and it’s full of awesome dark crime tales – including one of mine! Yay 🙂

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NaNoWriMo… not this year *sigh*

November 1st 2016

I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year. I wish I was. I love doing it, it’s communal, high energy, fast-paced. It’s about as close to an adrenaline hit as you can get sitting alone pouring words into a keyboard. But no. This year, I’m…. editing. *gulp*

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New Antho from the AHWA

October 31st 2016

Soooo, some exciting news. The Australian Horror Writers Association have announced an excellent new anthology to celebrate their 10th (ish) anniversary – a Best Of Midnight Echo Magazine: Dead of Night. And I’ve got a story in there, surrounded by some of the greatest Australian horror writers, so yay to that!

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Not Guilty Pleasures

September 17th 2016

There’s something I don’t get. It’s when people talk about reading as a guilty pleasure. As in, they’re reading it and they’re enjoying it, loving it, can’t put it down. Reading is giving them pleasure.

And they feel guilty about it. Because apparently whatever it is they’re reading isn’t, I don’t know, good enough or something.

Well bollocks to that, I say.

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Genre Wars

June 29th 2016

When I say I’m a genre nerd, I don’t just mean I love reading, writing and obsessing over genre fiction. Of course I love all those things, I’m a Geek Girl from way back. But I also mean I love the concept of genre, the mutations of its meaning, the academic study of it, and, […]

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Reasons to write

April 21st 2016

For all of you who haven’t yet done so, pop on across to The Stella Prize’s website now and read the acceptance speech of this year’s winner, Charlotte Wood. It’s an amazing speech, especially inspiring for those of us struggling with the “and why am I inflicting all this pain and effort on myself for no uncertain end […]

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Here, have a spider

March 28th 2016
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In defence of the daydream

March 15th 2016

To daydream is to be happy, so let your mind wander as you need.* Create beautiful places in your head, or exciting action sequences, or witty banter bouncing between imaginary characters who are just the kind of people you like to hang out with, or impossible romantic liaisons, or high dramatic tension, or fine, fine music, or whatever gets the blood rushing through your veins.

Because to daydream isn’t just to be happy, it is to be human.

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February 25th 2016

I am the Queen of First Drafts. I love them. Love ratting them off at a speed more concerned with quantity than quality, love the whole NaNoWriMo-style fun of getting the story down as fast as possible. Love writing a good really-bad-first-draft. Mostly, I just love spewing out the words and figuring out the story […]

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What Makes A Reader?

February 17th 2016

What makes a reader? It’s something I ponder as I chase after my three year old, tossing the trucks and crayons and socks left in his wake into any nearby plastic storage bucket but still unable to keep the whirlwind of disorganisation to a minimum. As I heft the baby on my hip and do everything one-handed, because that’s what you do with babies, well, the non-sleeping ones anyway, which are the only kind I seem to create.

What makes a reader? How do I as a parent ensure that these two little humans I am entirely responsible for develop an interest in story, a fascination with the imagination, a desire to be transported into innumerable fictional worlds?

How do I instil in them a love of books, in other words.

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January 27th 2016

So I needed a new headshot. And here it is…

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